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Shadow puppet theatre book

As it’s Halloween I thought today I’d share this tutorial on how to make a shadow puppet theatre book from my old blog as it might bring someone else some joy!

Throughout my different ‘phases’ as an artist (of which there have been a fair few!) I have always made little theatres and ‘rooms-in-a-box’. Something about making a tiny world to tell stories in makes me really happy. This small paper theatre isn’t too complicated in its construction, and it allows you to create changeable background layers so you can make as many different stories as you like. Its based on a theatre book design, and inspired by Victorian paper theatres or toy theatres.

Please decide for yourself if your child is old enough for the activity and supervise them while creating. I just enjoy sharing creative ideas for people of all ages 🙂
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Patterned papercut bird shadow puppets


When my daughter was 10 months old her perception of the world around her began to expand hugely! One day I experienced a really beautiful moment watching her watch crows flying and landing in a big tree.


It was so lovely I decided to make her some crow shadow puppets that I could use to entertain her in the evenings. I had read that babies love the contrast of black and white and pattern (well mine certainly did!) so I also used a scalpel to cut geometric patterns into the bird silhouettes. These ended up being my papercut pattern bird shadow puppets.

bird_shadow_puppets_title 01_2016

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